The Megalodons

Pick up a set of the Megalodons

The Mastodons have a heavily vectored lift,
meaning they push forwards anytime you're moving them through the water. Feels like tow-assist.

Aggressive, concave foils from base to tip for max traction, max speed.
Large outline, lots of camber.

These fins will grab anything, even an air-drop. They power forward through turns, weave tubes and destroy lips.

"I can paddle one-armed for as many strokes as I want and the board will cooperate and not turn too much. I f**kin was gliding around. Gotta be the fins or I’m f**kin in the best surf shape of me life!"

"Brew.. I put your fins in last weekend on my Hypto Krypto for Waddell creek sessions....blown away....high speed front side carving....felt so good. Board felt so solid and responsive under foot. Then I surfed Sewers all last week....fins are insane backside too. Really impressed. Game changer."

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson

Creator/designer of StormFins. It's thanks to advanced fin foils that I've been able to surf waves like the one pictured here! Join me, ride these fins at your favorite breaks. Pull top turns where no one has before. Paddle one-armed into waves. Ollie down the face and ride the air along the way!