StormFins are Wavestorm Wings

Most fins suck.
Imagine a 1 inch-thick surfboard, with zero rocker and a flat bottom. This is what you get with a standard fin.

I've been practicing CAD in order to draw up my own fins. They have varying thickness, airfoils for shape and they have rocker!

I'm doing this in two ways:

Pre-orders for designs made by injection molding.
Peer-to-peer market for hand made fins of these designs.


These are high volume, airfoil-type fins.
They get you flying through the water!
They're not like normal fins at all, try a set!

Buy StormFins Now (hand-made)

 StormFins are a new class of surfboard fin. I draw them up in CAD using airfoil shapes and with much more volume than standard fins. These two properties give you fins that rocket through any type of surf.

 At this point there are three main foils that have been developed for quad and thruster fin sets. They each have unique surfing characteristics and are a joy to ride. If you would like to test-drive any of these fins, you can do that as well. You can buy a set of 3D printed fins here:

Buy 3D printed StormFins (Prototypes)

"Fins are like surfboards, they ALL work! The thing is you gotta find the stuff that works best for you." - Frosty

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson

Creator/designer of StormFins. It's thanks to advanced fin foils that I've been able to surf waves like the one pictured here! Join me, ride these fins at your favorite breaks. Pull top turns where no one has before. Paddle one-armed into waves. Ollie down the face and ride the air along the way!