StormFins: Radical Innovation for Surfing!

StormFins do a lot more work than you would expect.
They create Acceleration, Traction and Stability,
even at low speed.

How? Using high-volume, airfoil-based fin shapes.

Whatever skill level you're at, you will feel a massive difference.

Paddle easier.
  Catch waves earlier.
    Make steeper drops.
      Carve more turns.
        Surf easily through choppy seas!
          Make faster lines, deeper tubes, more radical top turns.

Current fin designs offered:

Megalodons: Full power carving, air drops no problem.
Molamolas: High speed flow, likes hooking turns.
Orcas: Power carving with washout for handling heavy waves.

 The one tradeoff to these high-volume, high-lift designs, is that there's a reduced max speed. So, if you're headed to a warm-water, world-class spot; keep your standard fins handy. For all other surfing conditions, you may find you prefer the high-volume StormFins designs!

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson

Creator/designer of StormFins. It's thanks to advanced fin foils that I've been able to surf waves like the one pictured here! Join me, ride these fins at your favorite breaks. Pull top turns where no one has before. Paddle one-armed into waves. Ollie down the face and ride the air along the way!