StormFins: Radical Innovation for Surfing!

"Fins are like surfboards. They ALL work!" - Frosty

 It's true, all fins do work. It's just that they can work more, and that's what StormFins is all about. These fins are High Volume, High Lift, Airfoil-Based Surfboard Fins.

 High Volume fins create a lot of lift, and they can do it at lower speeds. StormFins are two to three times thicker than most any fins you'll find on a surfboard today, this extra thickness when combined with a higher-performant foil shape, gives these fins flight properties that feel great for your surfing.

So far, there are four different airfoils being used in this first generation of StormFins sets. Three different airfoils for the side fins of these models, and one airfoil for the center fin that comes along with the thruster and 5-fin sets.

The Megalodons and the MolaMolas have concave foils on the inside surface of the fin. This type of foil makes for a very grabby fin with tons of drive. The Orcas have a instead have a convex surface on the inside, and they have even have a concave pinch on both sides near the trailing edge. 

For us, lift is what drives us forward during a turn. For only those of us who own StormFins, Lift is also what helps us take off deeper and earlier on a wave! StormFins create a lot of lift. This is great for anyone who'd enjoy a little more boost from their board. I have friends reporting doing airs for the first time ever, fins-free top turns on their backhand, and even paddling faster.

My name is Todd Anderson. I've got 26 years of surfing under my belt, and for the last three years I've been practicing CAD to begin designing my own surfboard fins. These fins are radically new because they're based on advanced airfoil shapes (yours are similar to the Clark-Y).


 On surfboards, the lift a fin makes is what helps it hold onto the wave as you go. The lift doesn't have to just point straight up either, it can be pointed forwards! I found an airfoil that even lets your fin create lift while you're side-slipping down the face. Check 'em out, there fins are like nothing you've ever seen on a surfboard: 

The Orcas


 Fins for surfboards are like wings for airplanes. Wings keep planes aloft, and fins keep boards on the wave when you turn. These fins also help you take off earlier, paddle faster and glide around seemingly impossible sections. 

If you look up airplane wing foils, you'll see there are a lot of foil shapes out there, and they fly in a lot of different ways. These airfoils work just as well in StormFins, and they will help you and your board fly in a lot of new ways.

What are high volume fins? Essentially, thicker fins create lift at slower speeds, which means you can paddle faster, catch more waves and make more turns. 

Click on the Fins menu above to see the fins I'm selling now. These are all first generation designs, there's nothing like any of these fins available on Earth today. They shred.. hey there's a discount field on the buy form. Thanks for reading all this, you can get 9% off the price if you enter the discount code: shred

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson

Creator/designer of StormFins. It's thanks to advanced fin foils that I've been able to surf waves like the one pictured here! Join me, ride these fins at your favorite breaks. Pull top turns where no one has before. Paddle one-armed into waves. Ollie down the face and ride the air along the way!