New Class of Surfboard Fins! Shreds normal surf by creating lots of lift at lower speeds.

Current Fin sets:    Megalodons  ~  Molamolas  ~  Orcas

These fins don't just make surfing easier, they're the first designs to be strong enough when made by a 3D printer.

 Right now I'm only selling these fins in their 3D printed form, but soon I'll be raising the funds needed to begin injection molding by hosting a preorder campaign, likely through Kickstarter.

 If you'd like to buy a set of fins, choose one of the designs listed under the FINS menu, or click on any of the links here:

Megalodons ~ Molamolas ~ Orcas

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Some subjects that will be covered:

  • An open source effort to bring fin-making 3D printers out to remote surf towns.
  • Next-generation fin designs that will provide even more drive, control and agility.

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson

Creator/designer of StormFins. It's thanks to advanced fin foils that I've been able to surf waves like the one pictured here! Join me, ride these fins at your favorite breaks. Pull top turns where no one has before. Paddle one-armed into waves. Ollie down the face and ride the air along the way!